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The Welsh Report - Feb 16 2021

Posted Feb 16th, 2021 in Karin, Buying, Community, Market News, York Durham, Home Page

Casting Call:

Mike Holmes is currently casting homeowners in the greater Toronto area for their next show. If your home has fallen victim to a bad contractor they want to hear from you! To apply, send your story to

Access Radio Stations from around the World!

Check out this site at and travel the world from radio station to radio station. Be warned though, an intention of a quick five minute visit easily leads to hours of virtual travel through country after country. 

During the last twelve covid months surrounding areas to Toronto have seen an influx of over 50,000 people. Real Estate price increases were felt everywhere from London to Kingston and north to Barrie and beyond. 

This article highlights some of the very real concerns for when employers call their people back to the office.

CIBC economists Benjamin Tal & Royce Mendes recently wrote; “Many employers of workers currently doing their jobs solely from their homes expect them to go back into the office full time after the pandemic is in the rearview mirror. Not two days a week. Not three days a week. Full time,”  


I found myself going through two seasons of 'Dream Home Makeover' much much too quickly. 

Syd & Shea McGee create warm, comfortable atmospheres at every house they work on. I love their style, their furniture choices, and hardware & flooring selections. 

They also have a an online shop at .  

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Did you know that at Welsh & Co RE/MAX All-Stars we provide services throughout York & Durham Regions?

If you are unsure of the what your next move will be, talk to us first. Together we can deconstruct your many choices and funnel them into one cohesive plan for moving forward with your life. Whether selling or buying, it's important to know your options. 


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