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Thoughts on a quiet February morning.

Posted Feb 4th, 2021 in Karin, Community, Market News, Home Page

Quaker Village, Uxbridge

Real Estate prices have been changing on a weekly basis in early 2021.

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It's February!! 

I went out for my usual 7am run and didn't need a headlamp. The colours of the sky and the light that plays  on the trees covered in frost were spectacular. 

I know we're still in for some cold stay-at-home days to come. Here's a list of things to catch up on while you're living your best life indoors.

"Life is both a precious, unfathomably beautiful gift, and it's impossible here, on the incarnational side of things..... It's filled simultaneously with heartbreaking sweetness and beauty, desperate poverty, floods and babies and acne and Mozart, all swirled together. I don't think it's an ideal system." author Anne Lamott

Watch her 15 min Ted Talk on truths here

Need to get a thoughtful gift that requires a bit of work, not too hard, can be mailed to the recipient, and gives a year's supply of happy memories? 

Like facebook and iphone photo reminders, this tear-off calendar brings just a little bit of 'happy' into everyday living.

You may remember this cute father/daughter song going viral but that was 11 years ago. 30 million viewers later, they've been on Ellen Degeneres, America's Got Talent, and even trips to China. 

Here's daughter Alexa ten years later (Jan 2020), still singing and playing guitar. 

I'm now a grandmother of three adorable, rambunctious, energetic little angels. They make me smile in my heart when I think of them and make my soul explode when they run up to give me a hello hug. 

I know they are a gift to my life that not everyone gets to experience. This story about a little girl who adopted her neighbours as grandparents will bring tears to your eyes. 

Family comes in many shapes and sizes. May you and your tribe have a happy, thoughtful Family Day, Mon  Feb 15 2021

Today (Feb 4) 54 years ago my aunt and uncle, got married. As they spend today in quiet celebration at home, I think back to the years of family milestones that were shared together, where at every sitting of immediate family members, English, German, and Spanish were being spoken across the table, often at the same time.

It was beautiful. It was fluid. It was musical. It was special. It was our immigrant story.

In honour of your special day, here's a clip from I Love Lucy, the show that embraced the universal language of laughter.

Happy Anniversary Tante Vally y Onkel Alfonso!!! 

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  • Claudia on Feb 4th, 2021
    This is how I remember your family Karin🥰 Oma in the middle, your mothers smile, serious brother Richard and always laughing Tante Vallyand Onkle Alphonso😊😊

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