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Did Your Home Pass The Pandemic Test?

Posted May 9th, 2020 in Karin, Community, Market News, York Durham, Home Page, Uxbridge

Did Your Home Pass The Pandemic Test?

We're almost through it. Barring any unforeseen resurgence, we are on the home stretch of the pandemic of 2020. Canadians were exceptional good listeners who stayed home, kept a distance from others, and washed their hands - repeatedly. Returning travellers self isolated, while neighbours helped with their groceries. Front line workers, health care workers, cashiers, and truck drivers went above and beyond. Together we did well. We have reasons to be proud Canadians.

Now that the uncertainty is waning, bring your thoughts back to your home and your city or town. Did they pass the pandemic test? Were you safe and happy within those walls, and in your neighbourhood? Or should you consider making some life changes?

I never did manage to do the spring cleaning. Lack of time was certainly no excuse, but at least I did tackle cleaning out a few nasty closets that barely closed and I did shuffle furniture around in my living room. This felt good. My home feels right.

I started growing, or trying to grow, an assortment of vegetables from seed. I have plenty of sunlight streaming in, and I embraced the learning curve of urban farming using youtube as a crutch. What I found lacking was adequate outdoor garden space. 


The outcome of a downsizing, I am pining for a plot of land to cultivate. Planters and big pots are fine for now, but I covet my friends vegetable gardens. I started researching urban farming and the ability to extend the Canadian growing season by using removable greenhouse type structures, Tower Gardens, and by indoor cultivation, but that's a long term goal. For today, I'm happy if my seedling tomato vines make it to the outdoors. 

Living in North Durham, small-town Uxbridge, has been a tremendous blessing. Most of the local parks and forests have remained available for hiking, which I took advantage of on a daily basis. These hikes in nature feed my soul, and our dog is happy too.

Strong community values are so engrained here that it's second nature. During the pandemic, local vendors went out of their way to accommodate people as best they could. Even mayor Dave Barton chipped in by making deliveries for Uxbridge's Blue Heron Books. A relative newcomer to retail, The Bridge Social was quick to adapt to showcasing products via social media. Same for the new owner of Presents Presents Presents.  

North House shelter which responds to housing needs in Uxbridge, Scugog (Port Perry) and Brock, needed only to put a request out on Facebook to receive almost immediate donations of the asked-for furniture or home items.  Another local resident saw a need early on and created a Facebook group Helping Hands for organizing people who could to assist people who couldn't.

This sense of community and compassion was expressed again and again in my beautiful town. How did you make out? What did you like/dislike about your home and neighbourhood during isolation? Leave your comments below, we'd love to hear from you.

 [photo courtesy of Durham Region News]


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