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Home Staging - six simple tips

Posted Nov 13th, 2017 in Karin, Selling, Market News, Home Page, Georgina

Home Staging - six simple tips

Six simple home staging tips even if you're not yet ready to sell your home:

1. Curtains - yes, they're back. 

Sheers make a beautiful addition to the warmth of a window. Hanging them from close to ceiling height down to the floor gives the window a larger feel, as would making them wider than the window. Heavy curtains that keep the cold winter nights at bay also help keep your home warm in temperature, and warm in a 'warm and cozy' feel. Avoid the latest trends (like chevrons). You'll tire of them quickly. 

                               DO                                                                               AVOID


2. Area rugs - small is often too small

If your area rug is slightly larger than your coffee table, it's too small. It gives the table the appearance of being separated from the rest of the furniture and put on a pedestal. Find a rug that can extend past the legs of every piece of furniture in the seating arrangement. 



3. Clutter - we all know this one

Purchase pretty baskets or boxes to store your things in. It's really not that hard. I'm ok with all the art work on the wall (below) but the table legs, the stools, the clutter on the table create a bit of a chaotic feel. This room does not emote the 'I could work here' experience.



4. Bed making 101

Nothing beats a beautiful bed to sink into after a long day. As warm and cozy duvets or comforters are, their puffiness is not an attractive look. If you can't flatten it & add a throw across the end as pictured, try folding the duvet across the end of the bed (not shown) like the throw. Adding pillows is an art form in itself. There are multiple different suggestions for different size beds and headboards. Have a look at the suggestions on Pinterest, find something you like and try to match it. 

                             DO                                                                      AVOID


5. The art of hanging art

If your artwork has been in place since the 70's it's time for a wall makeover. Especially if you're planning on moving, your wallet will benefit from this inexpensive, eye popping change. I found this video on best picture hanging practices. There are many configurations you can choose to give your room distinction. 

                          DO                                                                              DO


6. Let the 'you' shine through

Realtors are all about home staging which is important but too often we find that the character and personal touches have been completely removed and replaced with generic-boring-safe pieces of furniture found at box stores that thousands of us shop at on a regular basis. The wow factor is gone. Bring your room down to the bare basics, a clean canvas, and then install one mesmerizing item that people will remember. Light fixtures are great for this, as is a stunning piece of furniture. 

                    DO                                                                      DO


If you live in York or Durham Region and would like some feedback on home staging please contact us at Welsh & Co.                                          

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  • Richard Davis on Nov 20th, 2018
    I agree, decluttering definitely helps a lot in home staging and sell your house really fast. Awesome blog by the way and thanks for sharing!

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