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Drone videos - easy or complex?

Posted Sep 6th, 2017 in Lindsey, Selling, Market News, Home Page

Drone videos - easy or complex?

Drone footage is a great way to give potential clients looking to buy a home in York or Durham Regions a better idea of what your property has to offer. It doesn't have to be complex, but there are certain considerations you must keep in mind.

The Benefits Of Drone Video 

Drones provide us with a bird's eye view of houses and condos that are up for sale, through the use of an attached camera. This type of aerial photography gives potential buyers a better feel for the lay of the land, without having to be present in person.

Drone footage allows us, as your estate agents, to showcase the attributes of your property that aren't as easy to show via traditional photography, including the surrounding landscape, nearby shops and schools, as well as transportation links and highways. It can also provide a virtual "walk" through the inside of your home.

Potential Limitations

While drone video has a lot of benefits when it comes to showing buyers your home from a unique angle, it does have its limitations. It should be used in combination with traditional video and photography, as it is not well suited for the following:

Fixed-position, carefully focused photography. Drone video makes it hard to play down any less desirable features on your property, or in some cases, accurately show the size and features of a given room.

The interior of small spaces. Apartments or condos can be difficult to capture well via drone footage.

Homes surrounded by trees or tall buildings. These surrounding features can make your property difficult to see in drone footage.

Standard street-level shots. These are expected by most buyers, and should be included in your listing.

Transport Canada Regulations

While we would love to take our drone out of the box and play with it a lot more, Transport Canada likes to have some input too. There are restrictions with proximity to other residents, airports, helipads, people, and vehicles. If your property meets the proper criteria, we will certainly take photos and videos from the sky thus making both of us happy.

You can learn more about what's involved in taking safe and legal drone footage here.

If you're interested in using drone footage to better showcase your property, get in touch with Welsh & Co


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